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Metal Finishing Services (Overview)

What is Metal Finishing?

Metal Finishing comprises many metal surface treatments. Metal Finishing includes processes like:
  • Electro-plating (for example, chrome plating or silver plating)
  • Electro-less plating (plating without electric current)
  • Metal polishing (including Electro-polishing)
  • Metal stripping, pickling or cleaning
  • Painting, lacquering or colouring
  • Repairing (for example filling, soldering, welding, smoothing)
  • Other coatings or surface finishes
At A Class we pride ourselves on our ability to finish and treat metal surfaces - and do it well.  The metal finishing industry is an unusual one, and not particularly well known, even though many metal products or fittings are metal finished.  We therefore hope this site in some small way helps to increase the public understanding of the metal finshing industry, the processes and technologies employed and our role in using those processes to deliver quality surface finish results for our customers. 
Please continue to browse through the site to see the wide range of plating, finishing and other services or information we have to offer you. The listing below also contains some shortcuts to the various process description pages.
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