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Gold Plating - Decorative
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High Purity Gold Plating


High purity gold is a form of gold plating that enables as pure as possible a coating of gold – important to a range of high tech 'functional' applications.


Like silver, this precious metal has many uses as a final finish such as good conductivity for electronic applications, very good reflectivity and high corrosion resistance. Its anti-tarnish properties make it a more desirable coating than silver for some applications.

Colour & Aesthetics:

High purity gold is usually applied without an intermediate coating of bright nickel (common to decorative treatments) and therefore has a dull, velvety appearance. HP gold is quite yellow in colour - about the same level of colour as 24 carat pure gold - which is, of course, what the coating is!


Radio or other high frequency components, electronic components, sound systems, laser reflectors and other items like these.

Substrates suited to this coating:

It is possible to plate gold over most metal substrates. For high tech applications substrates can often include silver, copper, brass, aluminium or alloys.

Design Cautions:

High purity gold plating is an expensive procedure therefore trial and error can be costly and is why it can be wise to consult an expert first! Like other finishes, as this is an electrolytic process, it is necessary to use jigging, racking or wiring to provide for electrical current conductivity. Some shapes lend themselves more easily to this than others. In some cases the addition of a sprue or hole or soldering of a wire to the item is necessary. Please consult your plating adviser prior to finalising design if you intend to use this finishing process. (See also − 'Gold Plating − Decorative)


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