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E-Coat (Electrophoretic Coating)


E-coat is short for "Electrophoretic Coating". This process often comprises organically based polyurethane. The coating is electrolytically applied and requires oven curing. Please note that A-Class does not provide E-Coat services currently.  The below is for your information purposes only.


A clear E-coat over finishes prone to tarnish such as brass, copper or silver, requires less maintenance to stay looking great. The coating can also be applied directly over polished brass or copper substrates (i.e with no need to plate first). E-coat can be used over gold plating to prevent the gold (a very 'soft'’ coating) from wearing, and to maintain the bright gold look for a much longer time. E-coat is extremely hard wearing and will resist UV breakdown for a far longer period than other clear coatings (e.g. lacquers).

Colour & Aesthetics:

E-coat is available in 'clear' and a range of colours. Clear E-coat is quite transparent though depending on curing time and temperature can have a slightly yellow tinge to it. Unlike a clear Powder Coat which can have an 'orange peel effect' (dimpled surface), E-coat has a smooth finish.
As a final finish over any metal item that is subject to tarnishing, or that requires moderate surface protection from the elements.

Substrates suited to this coating:

Can be applied over most metal substrates.

Design Cautions:

As this is an electrolytic process it is necessary to use jigging, racking or wiring to provide for electrical current conductivity. There can be difficulties using this coating for items shaped such that liquid can not freely drain, e.g. deep, narrow recess areas. Please consult your plating adviser prior to finalising design if you intend using this finishing process in your product manufacture.
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