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Colour Finishing



Available in Blue, Red, Black-Pearl, Gold, Green, Copper, Yellow, Purple, more.
The colour finishing process combines plating technologies with spray finishing technologies, to produce high quality and long lasting alternatives to the usual electroplated finishes like chrome or gold. Along with our full range of repair, polishing and electroplating services for restorers and customisers, candy coloured chrome opens the door to many new options and combinations for a unique or innovative look on a range of objects.

Uses for Metallic Colours:

Available in Blue, Red, Black-Pearl, Gold, Green, Copper, Yellow, Purple, more.
These "candy coloured" finishes have a metallic, mirror shine - just like chrome. Enhance your bike, car or engine bay in the latest color finishes. There's a wide range of possibilities for the use of colour finishes in custom car and motorcycle projects as well as many others - such as:
- car parts
- motorcycle parts
- engine bay parts
- wheels
- trim
- plastic parts
- household fittings
- door furniture
- many others we haven't even thought of yet!
Let your imagination run wild!
The pictures below show some examples of our colour finishing applied to wheels and brass items. These colour finishes can look great on their own or combined with chrome (or even gold) plating on other parts. WE CAN ALSO COLOUR FINISH OLD SILVER AND BRASSWARE FOR A TOTALLY NEW LOOK - in your choice of spectacular metallic colors!
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