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A Class celebrates 20 years in business


Thursday, March 4th, 2010

A Class Metal Finishers (Pty Ltd) Celebrated our first 20 years in business in 2009.

We feel like we’ve come a long way after starting up in 1989 with just 3 employees!  Couldn’t even count the amount of metal we’ve electroplated onto people’s products (in the hundreds of tonnes).  It would be great get some comments on this blog from customers we have plated or polished jobs for.  What have you thought about our service?  Did you think we’d make it to 20 years? What are your predictions for our future?

Here’s a pic of “the boys” taken on our “birthday”

From left: Phil, Greg & RodFrom left: Phil, Greg & Rod Wood – some of A Class’s owners and founders

Have a great day and hope to see or hear from you some time soon!

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