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October 16th, 2011

The Chrome Plating services of A Class Metal Finishers will be on display at next week’s MotorClassica event in Melbourne, Australia from 21-23 October 2011.

Looking forward to meeting Classic motoring enthusiasts from all over Australia as well as International guests.  We will be on hand to discuss not just chrome plating services but also our range of other metal surface finishing treatments such as restoration, repairs, plastic chrome, treatments for die cast parts and a variety of other services for Classic Car and Motorcycle enthusiasts.

See you there!

Greg Wood

Vintage Classic Motorcycle

Lewis Bike - Plating by A Class Metal Finishers

March 27th, 2011

27 March 2011 – A Class Metal Finishers will display their chrome plating services at today’s Jaguar E-Type 50th Anniversary.   Held at the Birdwood National Motor Museum, entrants are expected from all over Australia.  A Class is looking forward to seeing many top Jaguar Classic and restored vehicles – many of which have chrome parts restored by Greg Wood and team from A Class Metal Finishers.

The event is being run by the Jaguar Driver’s Club of South Australia and A Class is a long time sponsor of the club.  Says Greg Wood “Club members take their cars seriously – but they know how to enjoy them too.  It’s always a pleasure to provide our chrome plating or polishing services to people who know and love their cars and understand the value of a good quality chrome job.”

More information about A Class’s Chrome plating services for restorers is available here.

October 30th, 2010

This weekend’s Adelaide Extreme Horsepower show is showcasing many great custom and restoration vehicles.  Among them a unique BMW Drag car said to be worth around $1 million.  Says The Advertiser newspaper, Saturday 30 Oct 2010, the many gold plated parts on this unique car have added much value to it.

A Class Metal Finishers is also present at the show, with a display stand to showcase to visitors some of the quality chrome plating and metal polishing work they can do.  A Class has restored the chrome parts on many of the cars on display at the show and although we can not claim responsibility for the gold on the BMW, certainly have added some precious gold plating to other vehicles.

July 26th, 2010

Electropolishing is and “Electrolytic” process (like in “electroplating”).  How it works is almost the reverse of electroplating. The job is placed in an “electrolyte” solution and anodically charged with electric current.  The effect is that  burrs and scratches, belt lines or other imperfections in the stainless steel surface metal are removed, smoothed or refined.  In some cases other metal materials can be electro-polished, depending on the process set up. Electropolishing can be a more cost effective option than using manual labour to polish the parts.

The electrolyte is a liquid solution containing various mineral acids.  Depending on the purpose, the contents of the electrolyte may contain varying amounts of chromic acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and/or several others.  Thus, the solution should be handled with care and safety precautions and processing of parts only performed by trained or qualified personnel.

For more information or to obtain a quotation for Electropolishing of your stainless steel components contact A Class Metal Finishers.

May 14th, 2010

A Class Metal Finishers employs several electroplaters with varying degrees of knowledge or experience.  Some are “home grown” (taught on the job), others have come to the company trained or qualified in previous roles.  In all cases, because A Class is such a diverse operation, it is necessary to expose each plater to, and train them in, the “idiosyncracies” of the company’s particular set of operations.  Over time, each plater becomes more skilled and knowledgeable as they learn the variety of processes by “doing” them. With processes ranging from decorative Chrome or gold plating to functional coatings, or the now popular ’satin’ finishes, up to date skills and knowledge of many plating processes are a must.

Plating in progress

In South Australia (where A Class operates), there is no longer a “trade training school” as such to support the learning of this rare trade skill. This requires that the company keep an internal focus on developing skills and overcoming skills gaps. The team of platers are supported and mentored by A Class’s own “experts”. All in all, the ‘home grown’ approach to training seems to deliver results. “We could not offer such a diverse range of electroplating services without a good skills base. We are really pleased at the way our platers continually rise to new learning challenges.” says Phil Wood, Operations Manager (Plating).

A Class also reports that it is important to have documented procedures and instructions to support each process and the electroplaters who use them.

March 30th, 2010

Bice Oval, Christies Beach was packed for the Old Skool and New Age motor show event last Saturday (March’ 10).  Cars, bikes, boats and their owners flocked to the show and by all reports had a great day.

Jeff Smith's Suzuki

Some great resto jobs and plenty of chrome plating were on display. The rain held off well – so all that polishing wasn’t in vain.  Many well presented entries were awarded across all categories.  We were privileged to host Jeff Smith’s Suzuki GSXR (pictured) on our site, along with his Ducati.  Pro Street Racing placed a Custom Harley with us too.  It was great to see them both go home with prizes.  This was our third time sponsoring this annual event which has grown every year.  Our chrome, plastic chrome and candy coloured chrome displays got alot of attention with visitors very pleased to learn that chrome no longer has to be limited to metal parts.  Looking forward to hearing back from some of the passionate car and motorcycle restorers and enthusiasts we met on the day! Thanks to all those who visited.

March 19th, 2010

On Saturday 27 March 2010, A Class Metal Finishers’ custom chrome plating and other services will be on display at Bice Oval, Christies Beach.  Off Ya Rocker Promotions are once again staging the “Old Skool n New Age Auto Show”, an annual event showcasing a range of classic and modern cars, bikes and other things of interest to automotive enthusiasts.

Greg Wood, Manager of the A Class’s Polishing and Special Treatments Division will be on deck to provide specialist advice to restorers with chrome parts in need of refurbishment or customisation.  He will also display examples of the company’s offerings in the area of chrome plating of plastic and non metals as well as colour finishing (e.g. candy chrome).  It could be a good opportunity to pin Greg down for some expert finishing advice – he’s usually a pretty hard guy to catch!

March 4th, 2010

A Class Metal Finishers (Pty Ltd) Celebrated our first 20 years in business in 2009.

We feel like we’ve come a long way after starting up in 1989 with just 3 employees!  Couldn’t even count the amount of metal we’ve electroplated onto people’s products (in the hundreds of tonnes).  It would be great get some comments on this blog from customers we have plated or polished jobs for.  What have you thought about our service?  Did you think we’d make it to 20 years? What are your predictions for our future?

Here’s a pic of “the boys” taken on our “birthday”

From left: Phil, Greg & RodFrom left: Phil, Greg & Rod Wood – some of A Class’s owners and founders

Have a great day and hope to see or hear from you some time soon!

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