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About - A Class Metal Finishers

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Metal Finishing suppliers to Australia's Manfacturers and Restorers, A Class Metal Finishers Pty Ltd (A Class), is located in Lonsdale, South Australia.  Established in 1989 as a family partnership, A Class quickly developed a reputation for quality and service based on sound industry (plating & polishing) knowledge. From a single 300 square metre factory workshop, A Class has since grown to employ dozens of staff and provide a diverse suite of metal finishing services from expanded facilities on adjacent sites comprising over 5000 square metres in total.
Activities range from restoration of car and motorcycle chrome, to high volume polishing, to decorative plating, to specialised functional coatings for high tech products. Experience in each of these areas has further developed A Class's knowledge and led to our becoming a leading supplier when it comes to identifying solutions to the diverse range of electroplating, metal polishing and other surface finishing challenges.

Industry Knowledge

The metal finishing industry has greatly diminished in size since the extensive use of chrome plated accessories by the auto industry in the 1970's. The industry has since become a relatively small one. Despite this challenge, A Class has managed to attract or develop a high level of industry knowledge and expertise and grown the company out of this knowledge (where some industry providers have faded away). Challenges for developing and retaining the specialised industry skills and knowledge remain, however A Class works proactively to identify alternatives for the future.  Our skills and knowledge have earned us a reputation as metal finishing industry experts.

Process Technology Applicators!

A Class is NOT a developer of proprietary plating technology (the chemical companies are best at that). We are, however, very good at adapting and developing surface treatment technologies and processes to meet a specific customer requirement. The information provided in each "process" related page of this website provides insight to the uses and benefits of various metal finishing processes. A Class is also able to develop capabilities in new processes or technologies to suit YOUR needs - if there is a business case for it.


Satisfying our customer needs for quality in both service and production are primary aims. A Class is quality assured to the International Standard ISO 9001:2008. In addition, with a name like "A Class" of course we always strive to live up to our name!
A computerised job tracking and bar code scanning system underpins our quality control procedures, making it easier to track, control and prioritise the many customer jobs travelling through our plating, polishing and other treatment plants, thus ensuring timely delivery of jobs and customer confidence in our systems.

Other Company Features

- We supply industries such as Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, Defence, Aerospace and Mining
- Plating to mil-spec or other specifications is available on request.
- A Class has been recognised as an innovative and successful company, and earned recognition in several business awards.
- We have an On-site Laboratory capable of testing both the processing solutions and the plated coatings.

Unusual enquiries are quite welcome!

We have been known to plate or treat some strange things - gold plated teeth, chrome plated golf balls, baseball gloves, insects (only dead ones of course!), a boar skull, a grass wedding ring - the list goes on.
Whilst sometimes jobs like these can be "pains in the proverbial..." we do like a bit of fun and variety now and then so please don't hold back with your strange requests!!

About our logo

Our logo is an expression of the excellence we seek to achieve. The gold and silver represent the finishes we provide. The three 'streams' represent the coming together of different people and organisations (e.g. customers, staff, suppliers), working together in a common direction to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders (represented by the formation of the arrow at the centre). It's all about quality and win, win outcomes. Please help us to help you and challenge us to live up to our name and our logo!




 Perhaps because we offer:

 ok  Useful and practical advice and support for any project involving plating or metal polishing
 ok  Electroplaters and Metal Polishers with Expertise in a diverse range of metal finishing methods
 ok  Surface finish quality beyond comparison
 ok  Systems to ensure your job is tracked and all parts present and accounted for on completion
 ok  Friendly staff - easy to deal with
 ok  Good value for money
 ok  Standards and consistency you can only expect from a Quality Assured company
 ok  The results you want - from finishers with good reputations who believe YOUR JOB MATTERS
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