Pumps, Valves & Chemical Industry

Item Issue Solution Benefits
Sea water pump impellers (mild steel) Bronzed or enamelled cast iron corroding under salt water environment. Cost of stainless steel impellers prohibitive 75 mm deposit of high phosphorous ENi on cast iron impellers (note - high phos = high corrosion resistance) ENi provided superior corrosion resistance, prolonging impeller life. (Also eliminated need to consider producing impeller in s/steel)
Septic Pump Impeller Bronze impeller subject to corrosion 25 mm deposit ENi (High phosphorous) to new part Provided corrosion resistance (reduced downtime)
Demin water pump impeller Likelihood of contamination of water from bronze impeller 25 mm ENi (high phosphorous) Completely sealing the bronze impeller with the chemical resistant ENi coating reduces (or eliminates) possibility of contamination
Caustic soda chemical pump Steel housing and impeller subject to high corrosion 25 mm ENi (low phosphorous) Coating provided complete seal of impeller and housing internally and externally. Pump still working after 2 plus years of service

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