Injection moulding tools & dies

Item Issue Solution Benefits
Small cavity Surface corroded & worn Tool polished back to remove surface damage from corrosion rendering tool 50mm undersize on diameter. Plated to 25mm thickness with ENi. Corrosion Problem Eliminated. Harder ENi coating improved wear resistance and deposit thickness brought tool back to required dimensions
Small injection moulding tools Parts sticking on release 15mm deposit of ENi, then polished Extra lubricity of polished ENi deposit enabled parts to release easily. Problem ceased.
Large injection moulding tool Severe corrosion through water channels Clean out water channels and plate with 10-12mm ENi ENi provided corrosion resistance through water channels improving down-time and maintenance of tool.
Foundry Tool Guide pins wearing out Machine guide pins to allow a 50mm deposit of ENi. Harden EN to 65 RC Excellent wear characteristics of ENi extended life of pins enabling tool to remain in service up to 3 times longer than previous

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