Automotive Industry
Item Issue Solution Benefits
Carburetor Ethanol fuel corroding alloy and zinc die cast components quickly blocking narrow fuel channels 5-9 mm ENi coating Excellent corrosion resistance resulted in elimination of corrosion problems
Hard-chrome plated differential pinion shafts Concerns about heat treating parts – making them brittle. Also galling of hard-chrome surface. 25 mm high phosphorous electroless nickel Lubricity of the coating actually increased (no galling) performance of the parts. The hardness of the surface eliminated the need to heat treat the shafts
Steel fuel and brake line tubes Zinc plated tubes corroding internally whilst still in stock 8-10 mm high phosphorous electroless nickel Electroless nickel solved corrosion problem as coating was able to reach internal surfaces however cost to plate Eni far higher than Zn.
Shocker shafts Currently flash hard chrome to save re-finishing product but not really thick enough 8-12 mm high phosphorous Eni Surface condition superior and outlasts hard-chrome flash.

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