General Machinery Applications
Item Issue Solution Benefits
Machine parts Corrosion (rust) on unprotected parts or zinc plated parts. Paint chipping and general deterioration over time. Hard to clean & maintain aesthetically Coating of approx. 10 mm high phosphorous ENi Provided corrosion resistance, wear resistance and ease of cleaning
Machine shafts Excessive wear around seal area New shafts made allowing for 50 mm deposit of ENi and harden to 65 RC Wear at this area has been improved dramatically. Life of parts extended to the point where seals wear out first
Pivot pin Previously nitrided and then hard chromed. Although wearing well, corrosion evident around seal areas Samples machined to allow for 50 mm deposit of ENi then hardened to 65RC Wear characteristics maintained. Corrosion no longer a problem. Life of parts extended.
Threaded drive screw (brass) Parts running on plastic which was picking up brass particles from the screws creating excessive wear on the plastic running surface 5-8 mm deposit of ENi on brass screw Harder ENi coating eliminated "pick up". Also increased life of parts and provided corrosion resistance.

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